About HalfaDozen

HalfaDozen is an artist’s studio offering contemporary art and design direct to the buying public. A space run by practicing artists, HalfaDozen is the opposite of the traditional studio space in that the artistic process is not hidden from view.

Situated in a shop front, HalfaDozen is an artist studio and shop in one. Engaging directly with the public, the mystery of the artistic process is laid bare and boundaries are dissolved thereby developing an ongoing interaction with the public, buyer, collector and the wider creative community.

By using a shop as studio space, Half A Dozen creates the ideal foundation and basis for an introduction to contemporary arts practice for the local community.

We offer art classes for adults and children and are committed to widening access to contemporary arts practice by producing artist-led projects and activities for schools and communities within the local area. Developing close relationships with the wider art community by being close to the creative process at a grassroots level.