Ritual Union, March 25th at HalfaDozen

With the title, inspired by the song « Ritual Union » by Swedish electronic band, Little Dragon, this art show will present the artwork of Veronika Seifert, Katya Kan, Bridget Lee, Basil Olton, Alicia Pivaro, Edward Griffiths and Takuji Mizutani. The event image incorporates the work (pink, nature-inspired ring) of Seifert in the foreground and that of Kan in the background (golden wedding ceremony).

The main focus of this collaborative open studio space will be that of harmony whether one is to interpret this in communal or individualistic terms. In terms of media, the exhibit presents a series of oil and watercolour paintings, pen and pencil drawings, and sculpture and make-up as well as candle products. The event will likewise be accompanied by live music as well as a stand-up comedy performance by actress and comedian Louisa Robinson. More details on Eventbrite.